dream paradox

We have all grown up believing that dreams are just another state of consciousness. Psychology has taught us that when we sleep our brain reorganizes our thoughts and our bodies burn shit we eat to convert to energy. 

I have been doing my own research on dreams. A non psychological influenced one. I've been learning to lucid dream. It's pretty damn hard. I'm not very far along the process, right now I'm just learning to remember dreams a little better when I wake up so I can record them.

I have a sort of paradox problem with the current belief on dreams. I don't know if you've ever experienced this or read about it, but sometimes things happen in your dream while they are in real to explain senses.

Have you ever dreamt that something was flying through the air fell, and made a noise so loud that it woke you up to find someone doing something that made the noise that woke you up? For example, dreaming that a rock is being thrown at the wall, the rock strikes the wall, while in real a family member drops a tool box. How would you know to dream something being thrown when the tool box hadn't fallen yet. 

How the fuck can we know to dream something before it happens to explain things that are about to happen? If maybe this sounds crazy, we have some kind of psychic ability in dreams, can this be harnessed to predict things that happen over longer periods of time? Or is it simply that our senses are delayed just a few seconds, so that when you hear something in real it takes a few minutes to "get through" and your dream makes up a story quick before you actually hear it.

Some things can't be explained. I'd like to study it more, and if you have any thoughts let me know.

goodbye and goodnight,


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