Don't you hate it

*when someone tells you about their dream? Cus like, no matter how good the story is, you just want to walk away. But like, you can't just do an about face and walk away mid story. Well, maybe I'm weird, cus I love hearing about dreams, if you have a good one, put it in the comments.


*when in like a dream, you can never run fast enough to get away from the friggen beast that's chasing you? God I hate that.


*when you have the bathroom dream, and you try to close the door, and it doesn't fit for some reason, it doesn't fit in the frame cus it's too small.


*when you had a really good dream, and like it was such a good story, that you wanted to write it down when you woke up, but you can't remember it?


*I never had the school underpants dream, I was homeschooled, so I never wore pants to school. Lol


*Nightmares man, I hate them, they are the anti dream, it's almost like God wants to make everything an annoyance. There can be no perfection in the world.


*Reoccuring nightmares are the worst, when you know that as soon as you go back to sleep you're going to have the reocurrance.


Two myths I proved wrong

* If you look at yourself in a mirror or reflexion in a dream, you'll die. I saw myself in a mirror in this one dream, I was like 30 yrs old or so. That was a trip.

*If you don't wake up after the fall dream, and actually hit the ground, you'll have a heart attack and die. Not true either. But the whole dream after that I was in a wheel chair.


Things to ponder

Why is it, that in dreams we always have a handicap, not being able to run faster, etc.

Why is it, that in a sex dream, we never finish, it's always right before, then something ALWAYS wakes us up?

How come, if you play a video game for like a really long time, then sleep, all you do is dream about playing it? lol. That was awesome when that happened with Grand Theft auto, but the problem of slow running happened again.

Yea, so I love dreams man, I can never sleep enough. I always commit good dreams to memory, so much in fact I sometimes forget which memories are dreams, and which are real. I swear I never done drugs, lol.

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