Drew Barrymore sextape Released!!!! New STuffs

omg!!!! Canz you believe it i saw it on this site about an hour ago she looks like she is out cold. Totaly fucked up..N shit !!


Ok down to business,Because i bring"the business"..There may or may not be a drew barrymore sex tape i made it up...But its likely so i made a guess..There now that we are back on the same page, i have an agenda. Here In EBW i have noticed some people have decided to give themselves the role of freelance uptight gramar pricks.

Fuck off.

Also i have noticed people giving their views here on EBW. I dont care if it is your opinion You are still wrong.Who the fuck gives a damn if you are sick,or poor or busy.Get the fuck over yourselves.The same people who brag what assholes they are get all preachy when they have to go away for a week. Its fucking sickening. Not only is that bad but other people act like shit will change if one asshole is away from his internet for a week or two.I have news for you guys, this comunity is for sad angry lazy tired half awake barely ledgible rude assholes. Stop ..... just stop...... Bad...


Ok There i gave my opinion ,just as flawed as yours but just as releveant to me as yours to you. Also I is lookin fowerds to kristimus .Yay fer jeseses birfday!!  How old is he now 35??Jesus man your getting kinda old you might needs viagras for da ladys huh? Keepin it up like gas prices???Yay fwer santa You is an old pasty prick isnt ya?


MAtt the leader of the zombies and house wifes, and occasionaly ray charles,

Uploaded 12/20/2008
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