driving in the snow

Once again i return with a list of rules for driving. this time for the adverse condition of snow.

i lived in erie county pa for four years and have become very accustomed to driving in wintery weather.  upon my return to philadelphia i noticed my fellow philadelphians were retarded when it came to the concept of driving in powder. so here goes the list.

1.  Just because you have an suv or a truck doesn't make you prepared for winter driving.  chances are you were a cheap bastard and didn't get a 4 wheel drive truck.  so this means your 5,000 lbs vehicle is a 5,000 lbs obstacle for me.  learn to drive with what you have and don't think that bigger makes better.

2.  just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean you can take up two lanes.  this one seriously bothers me the most.  so there is snow on the gound.  if your moving slow get in the right lane.

3.  stopping on small hills for no reason is the end of your trip.  unless you have 4 wheel drive.

4.  turn on your fucking headlights.  i don't care if it's bright enough to see the road.  if you turn those lights of you just became a fucking hazard to yourself and me, and trust me i'll remove hazards from my life.

5  don't fucking tailgate.  it's bad enough in normal conditions, but with snow it's ten times worse, you slip and slide, and if you do either of those things into my truck i will grab my tire iron and make it so you can't drive again.

as always any other suggestions put them in the comments below.
Uploaded 02/08/2011
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