Driving Lessons

I am teaching my daughter how to drive. She has done a great job so far but we found a trouble spot. Parking. Not parallel but regular old grocery store lot type parking. When reversing out of a spot she either starts the wrong way or over-corrects.

Showing her wasn't sinking in and I wasn't doing a good job of explaining it.Instead of letting her learn by hitting cars like I did, I went to the web for some help. I thought there might be some advice out there and I was right. My search took me to the WikiHOW website. This is the actual steps they have listed.

If parking forwards with an automatic transmission

   1. Either steer left or right.
   2. Pull into the parking space.
   3. Shift to P (Park).

If you think that is brilliant, I noticed a link to the left of the screen for steps to start a car.

# 1 The first thing you will need is a vehicle. Assuming you have one, the next step is to get in the vehicle, in the driver's seat. Then wear your seat belt.
# 2 For most vehicles, you will need to take the key that came with the vehicle, or a copy, and insert it into the ignition. This is often near the steering wheel and is a round piece of metal with writing with a keyhole in it. Insert the key all the way into the ignition after you find it.
# 3 After inserting the key, you will take the hand you inserted it with, and using your fingers, twist the key. Make sure you don't pull the key out doing so. If it does not turn one way, then try the other direction. If that doesn't work, try pressing firmly on the brake pedal, then turning the key. This is a safety feature that is included with some newer vehicles. Hopefully, the car will now vibrate a little to assure you that it's on. If you have a car that has a push button start, read directions about how to start it safely.
# 4 If the vehicle has a steering lock engaged you will often have to jiggle the steering wheel a little to allow the keys to turn.
# 5 Before you turn the key, you will want to know what to do with your feet.

It goes on for 6 more steps!

If this blog helped anyone become a better driver, please sell your car and get a bus pass immediately.


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