Drug Limitations

The fact that some drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or whatever is illegal in this country is stupid. Think about this. The point of medicinal drugs is to make you feel better. It makes you no longer feel sick or mentally ill. How is that any different than recreational drugs? People take recreational drugs to relieve stress or to just feel good. Why should the government be the judge of the limit of validity of drugs? Why shouldn't it be up to the person to choose how many drugs they want to take to the point that they feel good? People can be on drugs to cure their pain, while some with that same pain choose not to take drugs. It should not be the choice of the government to tell you when you are well. You should have the choice to do what you want. It is no one's business but your own. The best person making a decision for yourself is you. I just think it is sort of hypocritical to allow drugs for medicinal purposes, then say it is not valid to use for your own personal uses, when really, you should be the final decision in what goes on in regards to what affects you.

The point is not what drugs you think should be legal, because if we went by that, everyone would disagree. The only way to resolve the issue is to let the person using decide. Senators are not drug user's parents. Before you say "marijuana, sure, but not cocaine" think about this. You would hate it if some law maker made cocaine legal but marijuana illegal. You would be mad because that affects you personally. Just because you do not like cocaine does not mean others will not. The point is to let the person decide, because it should not be the government's business what you do in the privacy of your home as long as it does not negatively affect unwilling people.

Before you say "Hey, you haven't done drugs, you don't know how it is!", hear this: My personal experience has nothing to do with my views on what should be the legality of drugs. If I had a bad experience, that is my own fault, and out of principle I would not want to restrict the rest of the country for my mistake.




Drugs are bad and you are a silly-goose dummy if you do them. But just because I don't do them doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to! :-D

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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