Drug-testing The Employees

Drug testing employees is a very smart thing to do. Not only because it guarantees that you won't hire a junkie.

I guess nobody wants a crack head employer, right? You probably get the idea that drug addicts are more likely to steal from the company or have their minds clouded with coke. Especially physical workers responsible for people's safety. Think about it - would you let a pot head weld two ships together? I don't think so.

If someone you hired takes drugs, you can tell that from their behavior. They jump around the dock, keep scratching their head, other people's heads, check their hair for lice, ask other people if their lice talk to them. Shit like that.

Lets use Tyaeda's uncle for example. He had to take a drug test and got fired for using crack. This way he wouldn't hit any pedestrians during his joy ride. Now he can spend his days eating nothing but pork beans and write blogs on Ebaumsworld like his pot head niece, Tyaeda. Who also got fired because of a drug test not so long ago.

So the moral of today's story is: DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDS. THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU

Uploaded 04/21/2011
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