Drugs and Public Nudity in IHOP

Tonight seems to be a drug themed evening. I read a blog earlier asking about why people use drugs and then I watched the salvia trip video on the Features Page which took me to YouTube where I watched, with morbid fascination, dude after dude, after chick, after dude using the drug salvia for the first time.

Salvia is a sage plant that grows in mexico that is highly hallucinogenic and used by shamans to get in touch with god/the universe/the oneness of the all/Bob, or whatever.

I have taken acid and mushrooms (I will write my story of the time I ate too many mushrooms and ended up pulling my pants down in an IHOP at a later time. It really happened.) and pot and pot brownies, and I can tell you I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, try salvia.

To have a 'good trip' on a hallucinogen, one must have one's mental/spiritual house in order. I have too many demons. I don't trip well. Maybe it's because of all my dead baby jokes or the fact that I wish death upon the people who put onions on my Big 'n Tasty when I specifically asked for NO ONIONS, or maybe God/Allah/Buddah/Hasselhoff just hates me. I don't know but I usually have a bad trip if I do anything harder than Grey Pupon Mustard.

OK for tonight. I won't comment on drugs but will remind you that one time... in an IHOP... I bared my ass, dick, and balls while on them.

Uploaded 09/11/2008
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