Drugs are good. They make you do things that you know you not sh

As some other members may be doing tonight. I am kicking back with some alcoholic beverages to relax. I am not saying that alcohol, marijuana, and LSD are a ticket to enlightenment, but they do help the flow of ideas. I am piss poor drunk right now, and I'm am having ideas to add to this site flung at me like a rock in a slingshot. Maybe it's the lack of inhibitions. but I feel as if I could type continuously right now. Alcohol is the least potent for encouraging stream of consciousness, but with a little restraint on intake, it can lead to a person becoming completely themselves, without worrying about society's taboos. Marijuana is the middle man. It brings you to a place where you are pretty fucked up, but still able to walk around at parties, act cool, and pinch girls asses(don't do it unless you like getting slapped). However, smoke a blunt by yourself with things that can cause creativity (paintbrushes and canvases, guitar, drums, psychology textbooks), your mind goes wild with thought processes and ideas to make art, enlighten, or change the regular thought processes of your fellow humans. This is all done, as long as you eat a full bag of potato chips and masturbate to a Denise Austin workout tape(I was lonely. Back Off!). LSD is the total mind altering substance. It is non addictive, small and discreet, and will make you trip balls. When you take acid, there are certain things that happen to you. You aren't hungry. You aren't sleepy. You aren't even hornier than usual. The only thing you are is a vessel for constant ideas and thoughts. Your brain is on overdrive. You will think of any concept with great detail and understanding given the information you have experienced. You will look at yourself and the past to reflect on how you are living your life, whether it's right or wrong based on your ideals, and whether you need to change anything. You will become in touch with your spirituality whether it is Atheism or devout Roman Catholic. I'm not saying you should try this drug, but if you do, you will never get a better evaluation of your place in the universe.

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