Drunk Story

First of all, I don't recall ANY of this happening, but found it shocking when I awoke the next morning.

Okay so I had some shots--vodka. Felt damn good when I decided to head to bed. Joined my gf in bed and went to sleep. Well I woke up the next morning to find out there was no one in bed with me. I looked around and noticed my cell phone glowing (it does that when I get a text) on the bedside table. So, curious I opened it up and found a message that said "I don't wanna ever see you again. Tiffany (one of my gf's roommates) is coming up to tell you why" So Tiffany comes upstairs and starts explaining everything that happened. So Tiffany explains that I had gotten really angry last night about god knows what and a couple huge guys couldn't even hold me back to calm me down which is surprising because I'm 5'6 and weigh like 160. But that isn't the bad part of the story. Eventually I calmed down enough to go to bed and I did and went to sleep. Then I'm told in the middle of the night I get up out of bed, walk to the side of the room and start scratchin myself down south. Well, my gf has woken up and is watching me scratch myself and tries to tell me to stop. ( I am out of it, basically sleep walking). Well next thing she knows I pull down my boxers and start pissing on the floor. She yells at me to stop but it is no use. Then she gets out of bed and hits me to try and get me to stop while I'm still midstream. Needless to say I can understand her being pissed at me.

All is well now and she is almost to the point of laughing about the whole thing. But at the time she said she almost called the cops. She also pointed out that the pee was very clear because of the dehydration from drinking which is good.


Uploaded 09/09/2008
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