Drunken Idiot

So I walk up to this guy on the road who is walking his dogs. Im and animal lovers so I ask what his dogs are named. He replies " Well this one is timex, and that one is rolex." I said " why did you name your dogs like that"? He looks at me and says " Well they're my WATCH DOGS"............. lol

But seriously three days ago I was walking around up town just killing some time when out of nowhere this man walks up to me ........ before i go any further i must let you know that he was an indian / native american or native canadian ( im from canada) whatever. Im not trying to say anything bad about indians im just writeing a blog so cut me some slack here.

Anywho..... he stopped me as I was making my way into subway for a bite to eat. He starts yelling out to me , ( I dont even know the guy ) then stops me and starts up a conversation. He started off nice enough like "oh nice day isent it" and " how are you" then he asks me if I smoke. I told him no becasue I knew he was going to ask for a couple of smokes and to be honest I didnt want to part with them. So he continues on with his "nice" conversation asking how work was going and how long ive been living in town. Then he asks me if I drink. I told him no because I also knew where this was heading.

Shure enough he asked if I could go to the liquer store and buy him some vodka. ( like 90% of the indians in our little town are baned from liquer stores because they steal and beg for it ) I said to him " Man why cant you do it yourself your like 40" he says that he cant go in because he is banned (BIG SURPRISE :/ ). He then says " Oh come on buddy, you look like you have lots of money..... ill pay you back". Now im PISSED !!

"How in the fuck are you going to pay me back, you dont even know me, and im not your fucken buddy either AND if your banned from the liquer store theres probably a good reason for it , so fuck off and leave me alone."

Well he didnt take to kindly to that, and started on with a drunken banter ....... oh did I mention that he was totally hammered...... yah he was drunk as a fly stuck in a beer can.......anyways he starts in with " you damn white fuckers stole my land , kick me out of bars and stores and treat me like shit ". So I tell him " look man if you dont want people treating you like shit then dont be a drunken idiot all the time , get a friggen job and do something with yourself ".

So he took a swing at me !!!

No big deal he missed me completly, spun around 360 degrees, tripped in his own feet and smashed his face hard on the pavement "SWING.......AND A MISS" lol . Then like 6 of his buddies who were also drunk as fuck came running over, either to help him up , or to kick my ass ....Im not 100% sure. Did'nt matter anyway , they never mad it to within 20 feet of me before on triped up and started the domino effect on the ones behind him ....hahahahahahaha I never laughed soo hard in all my life.

LOL I hate being bothered by drunken idiots but if they werent here to entertain us with their drunken idiodicy, life in this small mountain town would be even more boring than it allready is LOL

Uploaded 08/23/2008
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