Dubstep Inspiration

So you wanna get loads of money? Skrillex has money. And what does Skrillex do apart from shaving part of his head and never using shampoo? That's right, he invented dubstep. The music of the new generation. If you tried to compose dubstep before, probably noticed it's not an easy thing to do. First off, you need to be creative and second, your songs can't sound random, because dubstep is one of the most brilliant music genres and a true music critic can tell whether or not you're a shitty hack or a true artist. 

How do you write a dubstep masterpiece? Here's a few examples of how I get my inspriration.

1. Drop a screwdriver into a washing machine and record it. Choose a few second sequence and loop it.

2. Go to a factory and record the machines at work.

Those are the only 2 ways of getting the inspiration for the compositions known to dubstep artists. Now what you do is take a cool song by a renown artist, for example Ben Benassi's Cinema and shit on it. By shitting on it I mean adding noise (this is the term musicians use for dubstep parts). For example, leave 20 seconds of the original track, then put 30 seconds of the shit you recorded at the factory.

That's about it. Follow my tips and you're instantly a quality dubstep artist of Skrillex's calliber.

Uploaded 08/15/2012
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