Duck and cover, head for the hills, and just watch your ass.

So hear I am again in the midst of getting my town blown away by yet another act of God. For those of you who dont watch the weather channel hurricane Gustav is heading right towards Louisiana and particularly towards my place of residence. Now when everyone else is packing up and leaving town I myself am bunkering down and getting ready to bartend at yet another series of hurricane parties that always fill my little town when God decides to sneeze. Now earlier today I was just goofing off and browsing the web and I happened to stumble on the meanings of the names Rita, Katrina and Gustav. Katrina, since it struck first is even more ironic, means to cleanse. Rita means to finish the job. Now while these two names, their comedic value aside, did decidely fuck up the Louisiana population not only at New Orleans but once again when they were refugees in Houston. Now coincidentally enough Gustav, which means the servant of God, has us in his sights and I am wondering just what kind of damage I am in store for. So while the rest of you that don't live in the deep south are watching videos and playing games just remember us and dont laugh too hard when we are no longer on the map. Adios.

Taddie, you friendly prodigal bartender.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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