Dude make 500 billion in one week

People of the earth and even aliens maybe: If you want to make 50 trillion dollars in one week


Dude, are you saying you can't make trillions of dollar if you invent a mchine or gizmo that peels your skin off if you give up tryint to smoke cigarettes?

Look there lot of smokers who want to quit but give up with this machine it will strip you of your skins if you give up you could make billions even trillions seriously people. even aliens may smoke and wants to stop dude that's true you can't tell me i'm wrong

aliens can also be broke and need the money and have supercomputers to make a mchine

Also hypothetically someone invents this women even monkeys can stop they dont want their skins to go away. I've seen monkeys smoking they could benefit dude.

dude if you have a large computer that can write programs for this gizmo/machine with all that money you can be the most powerful man/woman on earth goats eat a lot of stuff but no money in making them stop doing that stuff. this is much better idea.

you still can't explain why the tires stuff goes when your tires get bald and dude you want to tell me you smart enough to minvent that machine? I don't think so when I ask people they say they are smart but hey you can make a lot of money if you sit in your room for 20 hours a day thinking about this machine.

You sit there thinking dude...I'm not saying smart people are not existed yet to do this just saying maybe if we gathered all the universities smartest women in all the states and have a camp out and maybe 500 or 600 really whiz in math can figure this out.

But becareful they want to divide 50 trillion by that many smart inventors still lots of money.

even the strongest swimmers in India have to work hard to think how to build this dude this can happen if we can get LP members to find really smart Indians that swim fast. maybe even get a percentage of the pot.

Scary things have happened with 5/100/ 1700 or 20,0000 and they still dumb all that money in the bacnk, and I'm like....way dude what the heck?

hopefully someone here can gather at least 300 smart Indians that's a good start.


Uploaded 07/27/2010
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