Well...... it's over. He's gone.  His appointment was at 7 pm. My mom took my brother and I to my grandma's in the van and my dad followed right behind with the dog in the truck so my grandparents could say goodbye. Everyone cried and then I took some last pictures. After that my mom got in the truck with my dad and they were off. The original plan was for them to take the dog in, have his head resting in my mom's lap and both of my parents petting him as he went. Then they'd put him back in the truck and come to pick us up and pick my mom's car up. Then we'd go home and burry him.

My brother and I ate dinner with our grandparents and afterwards my mom called and said that they had gone home and burried him. Then they came down and got us and we went home.

It actually happened like this. They went to the animal hospital and went in to say that they had arrived. Then the vet came out and when my mom told her that we planned to take him home and burry him, she suggested that they just go out to the truck and do it. So the vet and the vet tech went out and stood in the open doors. My mom kinda just stood off to the side and my dad was in the driver's seat stroking the dog. So Duke's paws were sticking out and the vet just slipped the needle in and he was gone within 30 seconds. Since his muscles completely relaxed, though, he lost a little bit of bladder and bowel control but my mom quickly cleaned it up.

Just thought I'd share and thank you SOOOO much to everyone who has supported my family and I in this hard time.

Uploaded 10/03/2008
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