Dumbass's guide to shopping

Allright. I work as a cashier, and sometimes i get really aggravated when people do stupid, and retarted things. just firgured i would make a list of all the things you can do as a customer, to make everyone's life a little easier. I believe this may have been posted by another person a while back, maybe not, but i'll add to it if it was already posted

1. Have your money ready. I work at a dollar store, and people don't get the concept that everything is only 1 dollar... It isn't very hard. And the tax is a whole 7 cents more. Whoa! Don't go up to the counter and be surprised by the price of your 3 purchases. It slows down the line, and it angers people.

2. Know what you are gonna purchase. Don't go up to the register and stand their and think about if you REALLY want this. Either leave it behind, or purchase it. Also, if you do decide you don't want something, go put it back where you found it. Not very difficult.

3. When you pay for your purchases with a credit card, please know your PIN number. I have people run in, slide their card, and have no idea what their PIN number is.

4. Before you even walk into the store, make sure you actually have money. I had someone walk in today with absolutely no money on them, and all they wanted to do was argue.

5. Kinda obvious, but it happens. Don't break things. An accident is one thing. but don't try to hide it by burying it in the shelfs.

6. I hate it when people don't speak english. If you wanna be able to communicate with a cashier, please be able to talk their language. We have no idea what you mean. And it helps when you speak it clearly.

7. Don't walk away when their is a line. Many people want to go home, and you prevent it.

8. If you bring kids in the store, keep them under control. The crying disturbs everyone, and the parents often do nothing.

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