Dunkin Doughnuts VS. English


This morning I went to do my every Saturday ritual and go get doughnuts and coffee from Dunkin doughnuts.

Since I had been stationed here in VA. It's the only good place to go to get food around here. Plus DD rules! I go in and noticed that they now have a new crew working there, but thought nothing of it. Maybe a shift change. I finally get up to order and I get A short little Mexican lady first words out of her mouth "what uo want" not "you", ou as in a sound, of course I replied in a smart ass way, "food?", then she tries to take my order in the most half ass way possible. So I say I want six chocolate frosted doughnuts and an iced coffee. She looks at me with a blank look, says something in Spanish and then to my much amazement, says, "You" points at me. Then points at my stomach, then to the doughnuts. Well, now we are in a predicament.................. This lady, working at Dunkin Doughnuts and all American establishments, doesn't know a lick of English. How the hell, does this shit happen? Well she swipes my credit card and gets 4 I repeat FOUR chocolate chip Bagels & a Coke. WTF? I try to explain to her, " NO, sese a doughnuts," while holding up 6 fingers then pointing to what I want. They say, "Coffee, Iccccceeeedd" she then say "oh no". Tis you Order. I say in the most pissed off, smart ass way possible, Nooooooo, go get el Managero". And she goes to the back. A black woman waiting behind me couldn't help but open her mouth and said " aint this America " I said no apperitally where in Mexico. And she shook her head, " I'll say something I got my kids waiting for their food. Then everyone favorite linguist walks out and says, "on break".

The black lady then unleashed "Angry Black woman syndrome to the rescue!" And starts yelling ,

"this is motha fuckin America, What the hail you doin working her!" Get the man his damb doughnuts now!" And apparently it scared her because me, Mr. White guy didn't have an effect. I got my doughnuts and got my  coffee finally and when I turned around to walk out the manager walks out and says "ma'am calm down. Or I'm going to have to ask you to leave."  The the Black lady says " last time I looked there wasn't a Mexican flag flying out front." And this woman can't speak English and being rude to the customers." Before walking out I Said in a loud voice " My customer satisfaction was not met today, and last time I checked I thought you had to speak English while working at a commercial restaurant.  And Told the black lady be careful and watch her pour your drink they might spit in your Drink.  And walked out.

  Is these type of places scraping the bottom of the melting pot? Or did they just fire the old crew and hire these idiots because they will work for below minimum wage. Who knows? Man I miss the old crew.


Uploaded 09/13/2008
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