DYK - Weight Watchers Lays Off Fat People

Guess what?  Right after my wife walked in the door after coming home from work today, her boss calls (From PA, we live in IN) and tells her she can't work any more because she is not losing weight.

That's right, Weight Watchers will lay off people who do not match their ideals of physical appearance.

In all fairness, I'll lay out some background.  My wife had our second child just over a year ago.  She gained weight with the second, just as she did the first.  This time she has not been able to lose it quick enough to suit her employer.  Therefore, no work for you!

Now we've known for a while that this was a possibility, and that her boss is a cunt.  But tell me, is this really legal?  Weight Watchers' position is that their employees should be examples to their customers.  Fair enough.  So I guess that if an employee follows the Weight Watchers plan, loves their job, buys their incredibly overpriced products, and actively promotes it among her friends, but doesn't lose weight, that's not good enough.

But the woman who constantly takes 2 -3 times longer than she is supposed to to conduct meetings, holding over all of the other employees without them getting extra pay, and lost her weight through gastric bypass surgery, she's ok.

I am footfknmaster, and I have never been happier to be a fat bastard.

Uploaded 01/24/2009
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