Dyslexic Or Plain Moron?

I'm tired of idiots who are too dumb to learn using their own language properly and use dyslexia as an excuse. I'm not saying dyslexia isn't a problem. I'm saying they usually know shit about what dyslexia is.

Dyslexia is a mental disorder which debilitates the writing and reading skills. Meaning, a dyslexic often struggles with reading, for example, they see different words than given in the text. When they write, they have trouble using the correct grammar. People who suffer from it have to deal with humiliation from their peers sometimes.

Apparently, any retard who can't spell properly and is too stupid to do that, has dyslexia. Not because a doctor diagnosed it. It's because they can't write properly, so they are sure they have this magical state, which they think is normal. Of course they think it's normal, almost any retard who was laughed at because of their inability to write properly uses dyslexia as an excuse.

Most of the dumb asses who claim they have dyslexia, but it wasn't diagnosed by a doctor, talk about it like it's just something normal. It's especially funny when you confront such a person, saying they have a mental disorder. They'll probably freak out, saying you know nothing about dyslexia. The facts are - dyslexia is qualified as a disorder. It's not a physical disorder. It has to do with a person's mental potential. As I've said, dyslexia debilitates the ability to read/write to different extent. So it's a retardation.

To those who prefer to think they are retards instead of learning grammar properly, if you want to claim you're dyslexics, either go to a doctor and get papers for it or learn more about what dyslexia actually is

Uploaded 08/24/2011
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