E3 2011 Today! 6-6-11

So far technology has advanced and we have been oohing and aahing all over it. My favorite conventions are Comic-Con and E3... Just video games and comics. For the past 3 years E3 was sort of a let down, especially Sony's. Back in 09, Sony had nothing! I knew it was doomed when they were still talking about the PS2 more than the PSP & PS3. They still rolled out the games that was supposed to come out years ago everyone was waiting on and some got cancelled but nothing new. I still have hopes if The Getaway 3 came back from the dead, I was more interested about that game more than any other game. Now im a little excited because of Nintendo is going to reveal their new console, hoping Sony and Microsoft would do the same which i know they're not because a "shit load" of games are coming out this year and 2012. All I want to see is the gameplay to Forza 4 and a new trailer from a new GTA game. Tell me what you want to see or hear from E3!
Uploaded 06/06/2011
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