Ear wax

el tigre chino writes:
You want to befriend the Chinese Tiger. You are not the first. There are some requirements, however. First, you will need to write an essay of 5000 words or more explaining why you trust in Chang above all others. Turn that in for review when you're done, and if it's satisfactory we'll go from there.

I would definitely value your friendship, but more I cannot ignore a challenge. So here goes.

You know that awesome feeling when you stick a q-tip in your ear? Sometimes called cotton swab. (For the Canadian readers, I'm sorry I don't know what you call them.) It's fucking orgasmic. I also have an semi-fetish for ear wax removal medical videos. Am I a sick fuck or what? It's just amazing seeing a normally unreachable place filled with dirt being cleaned very very well, and seeing the pink fragile ear skin so happy to be rid of the alien impurity. It about gives me a hard on because it's just so damn good. I always loved the feeling of sodium chloride/water mix dripping into my ear canal fizzling then dumping it out with chunks of disgusting wax.

The myth busters tested if it's possible to make a candle of ear wax, and they found it to be NOPE. So therefore there has been no found use for the disgusting crap that builds up in our ear canal, so the thought of it being stripped from our body just makes me chill, like when you sit nearly naked on a beach, or pee. You know that feel bro. So in conclusion El tigre is the shit, and also a video for your viewing pleasure. In chang we trust!

Uploaded 02/20/2013
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