Eastside_dave the true hollywood story.

As a young boy dave was raised in a trailer park just south of missisipi. Often his parents Ruby jean and billy bob buttsex jr. raged war on custody over there child " david dildozing doughtreev". David grew up in a simple neighborhood, sometimes he would have competitions with his friend over who could pull there foreskin back the furthest eastside dave always won. Dave knew this was one of his only talents, at the tender age of 13 he began to star in asian fetish videos including school of cock and winnie the poohnanny. At the age of sixteen he was at the peak of his career, but little did he know things were about to change. Young david was having the time of his life until one day in the late 80s. Dave and his friends were enjoying there stay at a hotel while they were filming the hit movie "snow white and the eleven crack addicted midgets" when dave met the love of his life her name was helga, she was the cheapest sloppiest russian hooker that money could buy she wore a tank top and a g string made out of dental floss. For dave it was love at first sight.

   Unfortunately helga was bad news, Dave developed some bad addictions while he was with helga. That exact night eastside dave became went into the guiness book of world records, He was known as the only man to have catched every std known to man. His penis became a bulging hazard. That night the whole hotel was shutdown and dave was immediately rushed by the hazmat to the nearest hospital. 

3 years later

Dave was finally released from the hospital, unfortunately He developed a tumor on one of his testicles. For years dave was one of the worlds most popular asian fetish porn star. Dave had foolishly thought that he had a third testicle and one day snorted so much angel dust he jumped of a building because he thought he was superman. Finally they found the tumor and removed it immediately. Which brings him to where he is now he may not be all that down there but here he is all he can be.

We will always remember you dave.

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