easy tricks to lose weight over time

      Now Im not talking about dropping 50 pounds over night.  These are simple ways to lose weight over an extended period of time.


     Stop drinking soda/pop.  Switch to something sugar free like water, for those that hate drinking plain water switch to crystal light, or bargain brand versions.  Dropping sugary drinks from the diet has an almost immediate effect.  I myself lost 20 lbs in 6 months just from this.

     Smaller plates.  Instead of loading up a 12 inch dinner plate use a 10 inch one.  This doesnt seem like much but figure in that youre going to be eating less for one serving.

     Stay away from second helpings.  You dont need to eat till youre full, just till youre satisfied.  Eat one serving and be done with you meal.   If you dont feel full drink water or a sugar free drink.  This will fill your stomach and help alleviate any hunger pains.

     Fill up on fiber.  Its a simple concept.  Foods filled with fiber have fewer calories.  Corn and beans are a prime example.  Fiber is a very filling substance and will help take up room in your stomach.

     Skip the ice cream.  Want a great sweet dessert?  How about frozen strawberries or raspberries.  Not your thing?  Grab a cup of ice, and a cup of frozen fruit, put it in a blender instant sorbet.  Dont add sugar.

     Limit snacking.  Like potato chips?  Put a handful in a bowl and be done with the bag.  Over eating of chips or pretzels is really easy.  That full bag is very tempting.  Use some self control.

     Walk.  Park further away from the store.  An hour a day of walking can lead to weight loss of about 1 pound a week.  Try to go at least 3 miles a day.  Youll see results after 3 months.

     Want to get around town but dont want to walk?  Ride a bike.  I personally rode a bike 0 miles a day for 3 months and dropped 50 pounds.  You get great views of the local towns, and a great exercise.

     Like beer, try a light one for a change.  Bud light and miller light have around 100 calories and have a great taste.  Get over the 90s stigma that only women drink light beer.  Just dont fruit it.

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