Easy ways to get the girls.Yes even you.

This will be a list of ideas that will help you get "Any girl" "you" want. I have tested all of these and they are gauranteed to work or you can use this guide for free.

20.During your first encounter mention in a subtle tone "one sec, Spidey sence.." That will make her know how deep you are and that you actualy have a little wisdom..

19.Nothing makes a women want you more than eating an entire stick of butter infront of her. that shows her you are rich in character.

18.Women like men who have alot of the ability to care. So i suggest you smack a baby behind her back then when she turns around Help the baby.She will smack him behind your back and do the same thing , but act like you dont know that..

17. Women love death metal. It makes them fearfull and whiney. That is a controlled bitching. They like to bitch and if you can get it out of them on your schedule you will be better off.

16.Women love men who cook, so hire a fleet of chefs to come cook and leave ,so she is stuck with you. But show her you can make the best toast in the world.This is a good time to use  #19. two birds one stone... Not only will she love the toast she will love your great personality.

15.Its ok to flirt badly but its not ok to badly flirt.. If you want her to feel pretty ask her how she got so pretty. Now she will answer you. Ignore what she says and ask her again.Do this enough and she will break because compliments stack. She will not notice you are asking the same question because women only hear what they want.This will allow her time to talk... They love to talk. Pretend you care...

14.Women love ebaumsworld. Dont forget to show them your blogs, They lover literacy. Even if you cant speel that weel.

13.Get ugly friends, they allways make you look better and the mentaly ill make you sound smarter. So if you can find a mix of both you look like batman.

12.Women love men who are creative, so when your food comes to the table ask the waiter for another plate ,you want to rearange your food into a mona lisa.Before it starts to look close to finished eat half of the food fast , to hide that you suck at food art.

11.Women hate men who leave them alone , so wear a diaper on the first few dates so you dont have to leave for the bathroom.They love that hard...

10. You have the girl now you want to kiss her. Easy timmy if you followed all these tips above you can just take what you want now. Unleash the fury.make sure to remove the diaper...

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