Ebaum gets laid!

As his alarm clock let out a piercing ring, erick woke up knowing deep in his heart that today was the day, everything he had practiced would come down to this day. He slipped on his hot leopard mankini and made himself a cold glass of chocolate milk. He put on some tight leather jeans and a skinny black shirt and grabbed his backpack as he made his way to the school bus. When he arrived his heart began to beat like a drum, he took his inhaler and began to take deep breaths. His hand reached into his pocket where he pulled out his new cologne, sex panther. He grabbed his gold plated comb and slowly brushed it across his hair. He walked into his first period class fashionably late. There she stood, wearing thick rimmed glasses and giant metal braces. "Well lucy it looks like you and me are going to be lab partners today" Eric said in a sexy rugged tone, she responded nervously " Ya, I guess so". "Dont be scared of me lucy I wont bite" Eric said in a soft warm voice. "Maybe you could come over this afternoon and we could be study partners" He slipped a paper into her hand with his phone number and address.


After school eric called his friend patrick for advice, " She's coming over right now what do I do" Patrick responded, "alright you need to play some slow music and slip into a thin men's G string ". Eric listened to patrick and did exactly what he said. The doorbell rang and Eric responded " Oh, please come in I've been expecting you". Lucy opened up the door to see Eric laying down in a thin g string. He said " This couch is italian leather care to give it a try" Lucy didn't respond she just stood there staring at eric's skinny white ass. Eric said " please come in I have been waiting for you", she slowly walked in and sat down on the couch. " you seem thirsty, I'll go fix up something to drink". Eric got some grey goose vodka and mixed it up with some crushed oxycontin. He handed lucy the drink and said " I hope you dont mind vodka". " Eric couldn't remeber the rest of the night all he remembered was waking up in a hospital with braces stuck on the end of his dick and a restraining order. 

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