eBaum's Advertising Ridiculous

Okay, so u probably have noticed the advertisements on this site. There are quite a few. As I write this, I see at least 8 individual links already. Anybody else feel overwhelmed. I mean, okay, I know that money is necessary to keep this site running (i.e. the prizes ect.) but, come on! At least try to not spam us with this crap. Now even the featured sections have ads telling us to buy their crap. What's next? Our inbox? Will our private messages have an add at the bottom? Or will they just send the ad right to our inbox? I don't know about you, but when I see the (1) in my inbox, i get kinda excited. Then I click, and what do I see? "Need to get rid of that pesky nose hair? Buy the HairZapper today! It uses the latest technology to burn the hair right out of your nose! Disclaimer: May cause third-degree burns." Not what I was expecting to see when I clicked on my inbox. I see the need for advertisements, but some are just plain ridiculous.

Uploaded 07/23/2008
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