ebaum's best place to take a brain shit

I have planted my flag into this website as my new place to drop my mental feces. I have been coming to this site for about as long as it has been up, but just never created a profile. why? I dunno, maybe cuz i hate filling out that goddamn profile questionaire. where do you live, whens your birffday, sex, how many moles do you have, ect. i finally said fuck it cuz i want to share the insanity that wells up in my brain space and this is the best place to do it. my mind feels like an old vhs tape that has been recorded and rerecorded over and over again with all the images clashing and overlapping then a coherent and lucid thought will pop out and because my mouth and brain have no filter inbetween, it will fall outta my mouth like overchewed beef. usually, thats when people will look at me and say that that was the craziest(or funniest, i get that too) shit i have ever heard. really? cuz it sounded completly sane and unfunny to me in my head. i feel i will only be accepted here. i cant even log onto yahoo chat cuz i been banned so many times. myspace isnt an adequate outlet cuz all my friends already know im one naked run down main street away from a mental ward. they just look at me as i rant and slobber and blather on about such and such and then say " are you done now?" and return to to the regularly schedualed bullshit for the day. i have also got a job that lets me access the internet for the 12 hours im at work at my own leisure! so, in summation, i will be regularly pushing out mind turds here and there all over this site in order tohelp keep my sanity. i have been musing on running for political office too, so if or when that happens i will be campaigning here too.

Uploaded 11/22/2008
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