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So I've checked out some of the bloggers and I have to say there are quite a few that I happen to find semi interesting.

Letemdangle: This guy is real. Probably the realest guy to this website. Keep it up man.

Majorfathead: You also seem pretty real. Just wondering if you alternate sides between bloggers. There is a difference between disagreeing and agreeing with what people say, but then bash them? Anyway....You're ok.

Tomlet: Dude...this guy is an alien that's all I have to say about him! Lol

angie111: You seem to complain alot. I don't care if it is a troll post; it's fucking annoying...seriously!

ravensong: Though others find your posts annoying. I know what you're doing so keep it up! We don't have to talk about it for everyone to see. MESSAGE ME! We live close to eachother. We'll hang out!

RJM: Hmmm you're a tough one to judge. I guess it's because on the outside you're tough. But, I think you're just making up for what you "lack". I would like to get to know you though.

Nova999: I don't even wanna know you. You seem more annoying than Tyaeda! And you only post once in a blue moon. If you're gonna insult someone do it right. And, please, don't run afterwards. It makes you look like a pussy.

Tyaeda: You seem confused about who you are and where you are. Like a dumb blonde, I guess is the best way I can put it.


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