eBaum's Election

And so I know, Its begun again. My opponents are EastSideDave and SquirtleJeans SO FAR. Rumors are there is moar on the way. Maybe a female in the running? But I wonder to myself whom? In any case, the more the merrier, I welcome the Election and the competition for that matter. I do not know EastSideDave very well...I know he is Legendary around this parts, and I highly respect that. More power to him and of course good luck in the election. My other opponent is non other than Mrsquirtlejeans. The creator of The Jeans, The Woo!!, and so forth, a very powerful user at that expense. I on the other hand are just a LiveChat Mod/uploader, and of course of the famous "No U" group. The "No U" group is growing stronger as well as Mrsquirtlejeans aka The Woo.

Anyways, I wish luck to both of these fine opponents and any others who mysterious come into the running.


Btw, my 1st sentence of this blog, is a lyric of a Stone Temple Pilots song, it's very laid back and chill if your'e buzzed/drunk. I recommend listening to it.

Uploaded 06/19/2010
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