eBaums New Changes Revised.....

Ok.... a few of you regulars may have noticed a few things not functioning as they normally do.... Slower upload speeds, notifications that fail, even little things like: uploading stuff that never makes it to this planet... " Planet eBaums World ". Well quit worrying.... eBaums just messing with your You see, when you subscribed to his almighty planet. He forgot to mention that he had the ultimate OWNAGE of You and anything you struggled to upload to this planet. Evidence being that he steals off his somewhat bewildered followers and obviously pisses in the same pot as all the regular feature Well me..... I personally dont give one flying FUCK about him ripping me off but I watch a few up and coming players who upload some really fine stuff and then see them get exploited by YOU.....and yes I mean YOU Mr Bauman...... I dont need to mention names cos all the players can check the upload dates and I feel bad for them, they know it, I know it and We all know YOU know it.... Well thats it for now.... Maybe another 3 weeks ban but hey.....Soon be

Uploaded 07/12/2008
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