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A long time ago I claimed my first "erep prize" A $100 American Express gift card. After waiting months on end, I questioned "Bug" or AKA Kellie eBaum's "girlfriend", who reluctantly told me that they were no longer offering the Amex gift card however I could receive the new prize in it's place a Amazon gift card. I reluctantly went w/ the Amazon gift card & here it is almost 2 yrs later, & I still never received anything from this website. Now during the past two years I have heard of legal troubles, hacking, & eventually the selling of this website to new owners. I have repeatedly tried to contact them regarding this matter & have never received a response. Currently I am talking with a attorney friend of mine who has agreed to file a suit against the former & current webmaster for the breaking of legal obligations & terms of agreement. At this time we have also found out that Eric or "ebaum" has quite a few lawsuits already piled up against him for copyright violations. I would like to know of all other eBaums members who have legitimately not received their claimed prizes. All claims will be investegated, so please don't waste our time w/ falsified claims. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I think it is about due time that these people be held accountable for their shady, and unprofessional policies.

Uploaded 11/19/2009
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