eBaum's World chat room: the epitome of a tyranny.

As a mere participant of the eBaum's World main page, I was reluctant to partake in various front page activities, such as joining the so-called "user friendly" chat room that allows its members to converse and banter with one another. 

Immediately upon joining, a rather uncanny aura had enveloped me as I noticed a plethora of individuals typing in an odd manner per se. For example, alluding to the content typed, I noticed a cornucopia of statements praising the moderators for their ... work. What baffled me was the fact that the moderators didn't do any "work" and rather just sat idly in chat while their servants complimented and acknowledged their "superiority." 

Being the curious yet rambunctious revolutionist myself, I questioned what the servants were preaching as they constantly and continuously spoke highly about the incompetent moderators but alas, I was immediately banned by one of the moderators; this person went by the name of Gyps. 

I hastily rejoined the chat room, mainly to demand answers for my banishment particularly from the one who goes by Gyps, and I was banned YET AGAIN. Surely, anger started to build inside of me as normally I am given a warning before my banishments, perhaps spewing an inappropriate insult or stating a truth regarding a certain issue. In this particular case, I only questioned the mere presence of the moderators who essentially did nothing as their servants persistently stated that, for example, the "moderators are altruistic" or that the "moderators deserve to be pampered with eMoney." 

I politely sent this Gyps woman (her sexual identity is however a question but I shall assume that she's a woman) a message regarding the various banishments and she never actually replied. It was only the eve of last night when I received an explanation behind my removals from the man named PepperPeanut. Here, I was greeted with nothing but insults after insults, basically referring to the fact that my presence ALONE was intruding upon the verbose list of rules and that I should simply never QUESTION the purpose of the moderators. 

I was initially in a state of SHOCK but I gradually came to the realization of what was going on: the place was simply yearning to become a total dictatorship, with Gyps, PepperPeanut, and another fellow, MacDreidel, pulling the strings as their puppets dance and entertain the sinister individuals.

I have currently endured through various banishments, mostly by Gyps, as I continually fight for the greater cause. Overall, I wish to have the place purified of the tyrants and hopefully impose a more friendlier approach to the chat room and free the servants of their mind control. 
Uploaded 07/04/2011
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