Ebaum's World Gamer Elite Diablo 3 Clan

Ohayou, guys! After a discussion in the feature chat, me and a lot of users decided that we should start an Ebaum's World Diablo 3 clan. I was nominated the clan leader by Crazy_Canuck, probably because I'm beautiful and have amazing charisma, but the butt hurt Misstawpa wasn't happy I was nominated to be leader, so we've decided each one of us would start a separate Diablo III clan. She was getting a lot of shitty players to join, kind of bragged about the number (she invited everybody on her buddy list apparently) but soon had to capitulate, because the most bad ass, toughest Diablo veterans joined my clan. 

I have Hoblem, Gerald69, Nuttgobbler, Fetismo, Steev0, Black_Cops, Chelnut, Crazy_Canuck, Mralcahuete, Black_Jew, Missgreenstuff, Slayer2k7, Guitarlover and many many more.

Soon Tawpa realised that even if she had 3 times as many players in her clan, they were noobs and would fall prey to experienced warriors like me or Hoblem (I kinda told her that). She resigned from being head of her group and it disbanded. She's welcome to join my clan, though.

If you're a leet Diablo 3 player and wanna join my clan, pm me. I only accept bad asses and no losers are allowed. So if you''re a loser, don't bother to pm me

Uploaded 02/09/2012
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