eBaums World Sells Out Facebook Thumbnails

eBaums World has sold out and is now offering you the opportunity to login to the site with Facebook Connect.  Here are some facts you may be interested in:


·      Your identity on Facebook is safe. If you choose to sign in to eBaums World using Facebook Connect you will NOT expose any of your Facebook data to the eBaums World community.

·      If youre using Facebook Connect to create an eBaums World account you may choose what Facebook information you use to create your eBaums World account.

·      Actions (wall posts, tagging, Places checkins) are NOT synced from Facebook to eBaums World or from eBaums World (commenting, uploading media, rating media) to Facebook.


We decided to offer this service to our user as a convenience and as a shameless attempt to suck up to Zuck and the rest of the intelligentsia at Facebook. Our hope is that Facebook Connect will make it easier for more people to join the eBaums World community and enjoy all the rights and privileges that come with a user account.  Finally, if you are concerned that Facebook is going to fuck things up and spread your real identity all over eBaums World you can ignore the Facebook Connect and log in directly to eBaums World.  Either way we hope youll continue to spread your pathetic opinions, upload great original account and blog your life away on eBaums World. 


Today also marks the launch of of our new and improved thumbnails. These puppies are 30% larger! All you oldtimers will get a better idea of what the media is all about from these thumbs.  And for you kids out there, we've grown our thumbs because we know that you like to look at pictures and words just suck most of the time.  Enjoy!

Uploaded 08/19/2010
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