Ebaumsworld Cheats and Tricks 2

Ohayou, guys! I received a lot of replies to my last blog and it seems a lot of you are hungry for more knowledge. Let's check the Neko mail.

"Dear Neko, I love your blogs and think that you're the smartest person on this website and the best blogger that ever lived. It's so awesome you know so much about coding. I learned who 1starred my uploads thanks to the elinks trick you explained in your blog. There's a bunch of losers who use alts to thumb me down and themselves up. Is there a way of telling who thumbs you up/down?" - Jim from Houston

The current layout is a modified version of the one used before, so a lot of tricks stay. Like with the elinks panel, you don't need to be a mod to view the feedback list. But enough of this technical mumbo jumbo. Let's get to the point.

The first step you need to take is click on the 'link to this comment' icon in the top right corner of the comment. Something like this is going to show up in your browser's address window.

Copypaste it into a text file (to Notepad, for example).

Now replace the part between "" and the upload number with "feedback/command=list/view/"

You should get something like this.

Amazing, isn't it? 7 users thumbed it, but it's -1. It means 4 people rated it down. 3 up.

The cool part about knowing who thumbed a comment up/down is, if it gets thumbed 5 times in 30 seconds, you can be sure it was done by the same person who's using alts. Using this method allows you to learn that, for example, Rednote67 used 8 accounts to thumb himself up and you down.

Now let's use the 'list' option. There's 3 listing scripts that are interesting to us at this point - 'pos', 'neg' and 'ip.'

Put "list=pos/"after "command=list/." Your link should look like this now.

You've guessed it - it only shows thumbs up now. Putting "neg" instead of "pos" is for thumbs down.

Now use the "ip" indicator. Did you notice something? Yes, some user names there are separated and some are listed under each other. That's how you can tell who's alt is who.

You're welcome.

Now try the trick out and list the alts you found this way and their owners in the comments section to this blog.

Have a good one!

MrsNekoJeans, The Troll Slayer and Brilliant Coder

Uploaded 07/16/2011
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