Ebaumsworld Cheats and Tricks

Many of you probably know that this site is filled with small glitches and some of them can be taken to your advantage. I won't share the thumbs up trick, but I thought it's good to let you into 2 secrets.

How to tell who rated your upload?

It's an easy trick. You need to take and copypaste the number of upload you want to view.

For example, my previous blogs' address is

This means that it's upload number is 81659393

To see who rated it, copypaste this to your browser

Simple, isn't it?

How to get meebo working?

Some people are experiencing trouble logging onto that shitty little instant messanger on here. It says "Sign in" or some shit like that when you are already signed in. Sometimes you can log in normally on one browser, but can't on another. But what if you get this on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari?

There is a solution. Google for "sleipnir." It's an old, obsolete browser that was used as the default web browser in Japan ages ago. Install it. You'll prolly notice how slowly it works. Open the Ebaumsworld main page and log in. You have meebo. I suggest you keep it open only for the messenger, cause it crashes a lot.

I'm happy to share my knowledge with you, as all geniuses do

Have a good one, guys!

Neko, The Troll Slayer and Suspected Hacker

Uploaded 07/15/2011
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