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aah..there i was, bored as shit like 2 years ago, just searching for porn, music, funny/fucked up videos while i had some beer n' smoked some decent buds (and when my lady was on her red days), just surfin pages such as break(f.n.a. bigboys), filecabi, wimp,etc. Then i came to this place called ebaumsworld... and it was good. was the only one where you could download the videos and games (old,old times). i was a regular unsuscribed user, and then decided to get an account to post some replies and to be part of this great, sometimes smart, sometimes sick in the fucking head community, the members. a lot of shit has hapenned, the heads of the site got kicked out, the quality of the features is going to hell (talking beaver, hot pepper possession... what the fuck were they thinking when they featured this!?), for real this time. are they still giving away prizes for the epoints? i dont think so, cause the contributors are not making any visible effort to get some quality new material.Right now, im bored again.


Uploaded 03/07/2009
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