Ebaumsworld in the Final Four

Many of you by now have caught wind of the Coffee Cake Extravaganza website showdown.  Ebaums, at first listed as 4th in their bracket pushed past Deadspin to make it to the 2nd round of competition.  As word spread of the competiton, loyal ebaumers were able to pull off a win over the popular music site soul-sides.  As the word continued to spread, a flood of ebaum users were able to pull off a crushing upset over ebay.


This has set the stage for a showdown between ebaumsworld and the ultra-popular facebook.  At this time, ebaums is up 104 to 76.  This is a close race and ebw so far is not smoking the competition they way they did again ebay, where in round three ebw got more votes than any other site.


Ladies and gentleman, the fat lady has not yet sung, so show your love for ebw and get over to Coffee Cake Extravaganza and show your love that keeps you coming back like a junkie to his smack dealer.


To vote, go to -


I am shays1786 and you all hate me.  EBW FTW!

Uploaded 07/16/2009
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