eBaumsworld Is Dieing.....Slowly

Over the past few months i have been watching ebaumsworld rank on the web, and it is falling behind a lot, not to mention this stupid move ebaum just pulled by banning one of our most beloved members Uofl3000, this was a big mistake, cause now look at how many people are gonna stop uploading (by people i mean the TOP users) a few months ago ebaumsworld rank on the web was around 800, now it is 1012 which is a big difference on the web, and its mainly to do because of all this stupid shit ebaum and the admins is featuring (not calling ebaum or the admins stupid but the stuff they are featuring) i mean this "classic" stuff yes its good once and a while but FUCK every week we get like 10, like shit! ive already seen it before! if i wanna see it again they should make like a fkn classic section to the left.



so yea whatever im just pissed cause Uofl got banned so yea....

change your avatar to the one i got if you want....

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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