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Well fellow Ebaumers...I know its not right to copy and paste things into this blog section...but I read this and laughed my ass off.  It looks like we have spread hatred not only on to a few noobs/douchebags on the comment boards...but it has branched out further. We have successfully proven that we can be a bother to anyone and every one at any given time. We should take a moment to pat ourselves on the back, and hope to get many more honorable mentions in the year 2009.


Congrats kids!


"Suicide. Terrorism. Death threats. Genocide. Harassment. Larceny. Nigras. Welcome to EBAUMSWORLD.COM. All-pervasive and insidious, at the bleakest, semen-stained heart of the internet lies Ebaumsworld, the Agent Smith of the Matrix which stamps the watermark of the beast upon everything pure and ruins lives, one life-shattering raid at a time. Cyber-insurgents swearing fealty to their fell chieftain Eric Bauman, in collusion with the Jews and the Republic of Chinkdom, have covered the whole of the internets with bots, hackers, virtual pigs, and children-seeking robotic centipedes that hunt down your pictures and dox to distribute to recently paroled serial rapists and militant jihadists.

That gay porn your girlfriend found on your MySpace? That cracker wearing a cheap afro wig who announced that VOLDEMORT KILLS SNAPE in the bookstore, which caused your tween daughter to drown herself in her bubble bath? Those dirty negroes that annually interrupt your pathetic attempts to get your hands on sum JB in Habbo? All from eBaumsworld, under the command of Mr. Bauman himself, who takes breaks from having buttsecks with 13 year old boys on his ebony throne in the heart of Cambodia to troll American high-schools so he can drink the sweet and salty menstrual blood of blonde, blue-eyed teenage girls.

Even as you read this, Ebaums is planning the destruction of over 9000 different targets worldwide with their ability to explode vans of all kinds with cyber-telekinesis. Some argue that they have the ability to access any page on the tubes at any time, with a single keystroke. They routinely masturbate to naked pictures of your children that they took using your own digital camera. Noone is safe.

On a lighter note, all raids performed by any sect of Anonymous is automatically the work of Ebaumsworld. No exceptions."


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