Ebaumsworld Oscars Gala

This year we choose winners in 8 categories. The users were voted by everybody that matter on this website, so that the results are not biased. I'll be your host for the gala, with a little help from Antonio Banderas.

Antonio: Neko, you look dazzling tonight.

Neko: Why, thank you, Antonio. You look handsome as always. But let's not waste time on compliments. Here's the first winner. The category is Best Commenter.


Neko: No surprise here. Everybody knew this is gonna happen. Clark is a master of witty comebacks, the most charismatic of all commenters.

Antonio: His famous catchphrase "I'm a reporter for the Daily Planet" is one of the most recognised sayings in the world. Also known as the Confucius of Ebaumsworld. Philosopher, philanthropist, Pulitzer prize nominee and a bad ass. Clark, you earned this more than anybody else!


Neko: Our next category is Best Moderator. It goes to...


Neko: This guy is the most feared moderator of all time. His "no penises on live chat" policy and  blog section sherriffing are only a few things that make this man legendary.

Antonio: There's a live chat?


Neko: A guy who bans users whenever they talk back to him or even mention his nemesis, Steev0. It's pretty obvious why he's voted the worst mod.

Antonio: This is a website where freedom of speech should be honored. If you can get banned for saying something bad about a moderator, you shouldn't be banned. That's your right. UCM, I know you're reading this. This comes from Antonio Banderas, the famous actor: You're a douche.


Neko: I'm... I'm speechless. This is such a surprise!

Antonio: It doesn't surprise me. Neko is a wordsmith. Writing about things that matter. No bullshit about teenage angst. No whining. Pure genious. A poet. The best blogger on Ebaumsworld. I know how to tell a bad ass, I played in Desperado.bcotoatwh.jpg

Neko: Not only nominated. Chosen the best by everyone that matters on this website.

Antonio: And what an awesome comeback that was.


Neko: When he enters the room, everybody trembles. The most bad ass Jeans. The Jeans capo. MrSquirtleJeans!

Antonio: *trembles even though mrsquirtlejeans didn't enter the room yet*


Neko: The best user with an account created on 2007, also known as a veteran account. Specstorm always wins. Even when I'm wrong. I mean, when specstorm is wrong. And I'm not saying that just because it's my oldest account.

Antonio: Yeah, right.


Neko: We end the gala with the biggest Justin Bieber lookalike. Trizza, the user vid pretty much sums it up.

Antonio: If I'd met him in a dark alley, I'd probably think his Justin Bieber.

Neko: That was the last of today's winners. Thank you for attending our gala.

Antonio: Buenas noches!
Uploaded 11/23/2010
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