Ebaum'sworld Stock Market

Ok, so we are all familiar with how the e-rep system works.  The more involved you are with the website, the more your points go up.  Whether it be getting something featured, winning a contest or simply commenting and rating a video, you are guaranteed to earn some points in any given day.  And while so far the e-rep system is working, let's face it, no one here is ever going to hang around long enough to win themselves a Mustang.  So what can be done to maintain the interest of the users and increase particpatition within the website?  How about an Ebaum'sworld Stock Market?

It's really quite simple.  Each member of this website is a stock.  And to determine the how many points each share is worth all depends on their ranking and how many e-rep points they have.  Someone like "Lorddread" for example will have a high share value because of his e-rep points and his status.  Someone just starting out in "Noob" status will have a low share value.

So basically, you use your e-rep points to buy shares on a certain member.  Anytime that member gets something featured or wins a contest, his/her share value goes up.  If they cash in their e-reps for a prize, or gets banned, their share value goes down.  And just like the real stock market, you can cash in at anytime.  There's no limit to the amount of shares you buy per individual, and there's no limit to how many different individuals you buy shares of. 

Now your probably thinking that if you buy shares of "Lorddread" that your e-reps will sky rocket since he gets his stuff featured more than anybody, right?  Keep in mind that his initial share value will be high, plus you don't get your e-rep points until you cash in.  And if he decides to cash in on a prize, his share value goes down, and you are out however many e-rep points.

I know it's a little far fetched, but I figured this would be a cool way to keep users more involved.  Plus, it gives people a chance to earn points a little faster, which might be the reason why Ebaum wouldn't consider it.


Uploaded 12/21/2008
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