eBaumsworld User Video 2.0

version 1.0 is here:


- Ebaumsworld User Video 2.0 -

So we deicded to move forward and make another uservideo.  We would like to get some more users that didn't get in the first one.  If you were in the first one and want to be in the second one, you must be in as one of your  alts  (alternate accounts).  You can disguise yourself or whatever if you don't want to reveal your alt as being associated with your main account.


Theme: This will be your favorite sports team. Simply wear or have with / near you something with your favorite sports team logo / name on it.  This could be anything, hat, jersey, bandana, jacket, poster, coffee mug, sports cards, tattoo whatever you got!


Video: Pretty much same as last time, Say hi, whats up, hello (if you want) and tell us who you are.  Try to keep the vids to about 10 seconds or so (or less is fine). Feel free to add any transistion or special effects if you want and or know how. The funnier / more entertaining the better.


Submitting:  Once your satisfied with your video email it to

In the subject line put User Video from (your account name).  I will reply to you if there is a problem with the video i.e. it does not work, no sound, or whatever.


Deadline: There is not currently a deadline set, but feel free to send your  videos in as soon as they are ready.  The sooner we start getting a good amount of videos, then we will be able to set a deadline.


Thanks for your time, and your contributions, if you have any questions, pm  Me or MemphisT56.



Uploaded 08/13/2010
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