Ebaumsworld's Finest Hotties Group - Important Update!!!!!!!

Ohayou guys! I know many of you are starving for any news about the most exclusive group on Ebaumsworld. I will try to answer some of the questions here, in my blog. 

"But how do the guys get to see the pictures ifwe can't be in the group??" - Liquidlou

This is a very important question. I'll quote Gyps on this one "this group will be like Maxim magazine." Now I'll have to google what a Maxim magazine is, hold on...  Hell yeah! So my idea was to make screen shots from live chat sessions and post the coolest ones in galleries, and some teasers in blogs. An important part of the group is the updates, which, of course, will also have the form of blogs.

Dawnthief asked if there will be photos.

Yes, this is also a part of the Baumshell verification policy we have. We respect RJM's verification methods and any Baumshell trying to apply for our group's membership will automatically be evaluated, no need to get verified twice.

What about non-Baumshells?

The Ebaumsworld users who want to join our group need to be verified. The easiest method is to go on live chat. This is also very helpful to determine if you're pretty enough to be accepted among our ranks. Make sure you dress nice and put on make-up before turning on your web cam

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section to my blog. And now, here's the promised update:

We currently have 6 members, which both me and Gyps evaluated as gorgeous enough:

Me (naturally)

Gyps (of course)





If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate, and we'll evaluate! Also, I love UCM he is the greatest, <3
Uploaded 09/24/2011
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