eBaumy eWard Ceremony PT 1

( part 2 here

*roaring applause*

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Inaugural eBaumy eWards Winners Ceremony!  I'm your host  UsedCarMan, and beside me is Eastside_Dave. 


UCM: We are in for a night chalked full of surprises!  Well, Lets get this party started!Our first few categories will be for the *WORSTS*.  Categories, where even the winners, are ummmm losers?

ESD: First up,  The Worst Troll Award, this category is composed of "tough guy wannabe's" who attempt to stir things up, but usually just end up making asses of themselves. 

And the nominees are :


ESD: No surprises here UCM, these guys represent trolling at its worst! And the baumy goes to......


UCM: Well, i think was was probably a landslide victory,  DotaPro definitely knows how to fail at the art of the troll!  Moving on! Next up we have The Worst Live Chat User category.

And the nominees are:


ESD: Anyone who's been to live chat recognizes these characters!  Some are instigators, some are creepers, and some are just drunk on cam all the time....

UCM:  I agree Dave,  although i was quite shocked boater25 wasn't in the running...

And the baumy goes to :


ESD:  Even in a place where nobody gives a shit, white is still an outcast taking ANOTHER category by storm!"

UCM:  This category  was a close race but in the end, "there can be only one" (old warcraft cheat reference)  The Worst Front Page Mod nominees are...


And the baumy goes to:


"Looks like people dislike her just as much as the F.A.P. Series, the people have spoken.

ESD:  Next up we have the Worst Commenter Award, the nominees are:


UCM: These guys have not yet mastered the art of the comment.  Don't expect any gems such as "i'm leaving this shit site forever,  humble as fuck and doesn't afraid of anything, or did he dieded?"  to come from any of these guys!

And the baumy goes to....


ESD:   Looks like his skills are making shitty comments, and gobbling nuts!

UCM:  Next Up Worst Blogger nominees:


UCM Here we have 2 obvious spam bloggers,  a faceless and a  cat on meth!  

And the baumy goes to:


ESD:  wow UCM, even in a place where nobody gives a shit, white is still an outcast taking ANOTHER category by storm!

  This catagory was a Land Slide Victory, the original votes were unanimous and there weren't even any runners up. 

The Worst Avatar of 2010 baumy goes to:


ESD: Well if these guys would learn that EBW had an avatar upload button, maybe they wouldn't have gotten their ass kicked so hard in this category!

ESD: Next up another live chat category,  Worst Live Chat Mod nominees are...


UCM: couple of surprises here, lets see who takes home the baumy:


:  Wow, WC is really winning at failing tonight,  maybe he should just get the "Worst User of eBaumsWorld  baumy?!

UCM:  Ok we are done with the "Worsts" now on to the true "Winners"

ESD:  First up, we have the Sexiest Female User nominees:


UCM: Having seen all the nominees naked, cast my vote was especially *hard*  for me on this one....

And the baumy goes to....


ESD: She is gonna be on my mind later, thats for sure when im tawpaing my co....,whoa! Nice job Ms.T!

UCM: Next, the counter part for best looking,  Best Looking Male User, the nominees are:


UCM:  Again, having seen them all naked, casting my vote was quite easy....

And the baumy goes to:


ESD: I think more men voted for this guy than the ladies!

ESDJoining us for the 2nd half of the ceremony, please welcome, NyYank!


NyYank:  thanks dave, glad to be hurr!

UCM: Next up, Best Troll of 2010,  and the nominees are....


UCM: A couple heavy hitters here guys, definitely some worthy contenders!

And the baumy goes to....


NyYank:  When he isn't drinking womenz pee, he is busy being the best troll!

UCM: look at that face! he even looks like a troll!

ESD:  Now we have the Commenter Of The Year nominees:


UCM:  many lolz are had when these guys show up, thumbs are eminent!

And the baumy goes to.....


ESD:  Besides being the oddest guy here, he is also the best commenter, Amazing!

NyYank:  Not only is he a reporter for the Daily Planet , he is 2010's Best Commentor of the year, when he is not enjoying his ban that is!

UCM:  This category is full of great e-authors,  The Blogger Of The Year Nominees are:


UCM: some true wordsmiths nominated this year, but The baumy goes to.....


NyYank:  She is very known for her creation of the Miz FTL group, but that's not all...she is 2010's blogger of the year eWard!  oh, and you better not fap to her blogs!

ESD:  Image is everything around this place, so next up Best Avatar of 2010, and the nominees are :


UCM:  congrats, on the nomination dave!

And the baumy goes to.....


NyYank: He flourished the comment boards with this avatar out of no where! Congrats BP!

ESD:  oh...  :(

NyYank: Now up, The Group Of The Year Nominees...


UCM: 3 groups with cult followings, this should be interesting!

And the baumy goes to....


ESD:  if you're not wearing shades, then what the hell are you doing with your life?

UCM: when this group was in its prime, thumbs were abundant for its members, as were negative numbers for its enemies!

NyYank: A risque part of the site, The Best Mature Section Uploader nominees are....


UCM: this is definately a group of xxx affectionados!  And the baumy goes to....


NyYank: dont let his username scare you ladies! Congrats V.D.!

UCM: Now, presenting the Best / Favorite Live Chat Mod nominees....


UCM:  This was not even a close race, the people have spoken!

 The baumy goes to....


UCMI'd like to thank everyone who voted for me and i appre......

ESD:  Ummm, UCM you didnt win....

UCM:  oh well.... um... awkward....  well Yank handles his ban hammer well, takes care of the pedos and wankers, congrats buddy!

NyYank: thanks guys!

ESD:  Another live chat category,  Best / Favorite Live Chat User of 2010 nominees are:


ESD:  alot of faces we're familiar with here, and a set of twins we've seen a few times as well...

And the baumy goes to.....


NyYank: deevo always brings entertainment to live chat no matter what, whether it's his music or his fun drinking on cam, cheers mate!

UCM: He is a mother fucker! ayup pal!

UCM: Now up, a contest within a contest, Best Caption Contest Winner of 2010, and the nominees are:


NyYank: a couple of real funny guys right here,  and the baumy goes to....


ESD:   He wants to be a mod but I think he better stick to trying to be funny, looks like it might have payed o

NyYank after he disappeared for 3 months, users questioned if he would ever return...  well he has returned, and that's not all, he has claimed the best caption contest eWard, With that in mind, he now can go leave for another 2 months
Uploaded 11/16/2010
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