eBaumy eWard Ceremony PT 2

UCM:  Another contest category, Best Photoshop Contest Winner is up next, and the nominees are:


UCM:  some great entries done by some great photoshoppers, oh and 1 master of MS paint....

And the baumy goes to......


NyYank:  boom,
has made avatars for many eBaum Users, but he has also mastered photoshop

ESD:   This dude just acts like he invented that damn shit, Boom for the win!

UCM: Now we have a particularly prestigious category, Overall Best Contributor of 2010,  and the nominees are:


UCM:  A great and deserving group of nominees here, this was a very close race also!

And the baumy goes to :


He came outta nowhere and took this category by storm this year  I bet when he hears this news he will make true meaning of his name all night long!

I really appreciate this eWard , it means a lot. Now Im gonna leave this shit site forever. Bye. But seriously, I'll keep doing what I'm doing, thank you again.

UCM:  No more keezing yank!

NyYank:  Next up the Most Improved User nominees:


ESD: Another tough call and great group of users on this one!  Who will it be?

And the baumy goes to......


NyYank:  even after being gone for 2+ months he manages to pull this one off... well done H.F... well done.....  you freaky blue bastard!

UCM: lol, well done H.F., next up Uploader Of The Year 2010, the nominees are:


UCM:  wow, great group of uploaders, i think any way this turns out would be fine, but lets see what the users chose, 

the baumy goes to...


NyYank: he's been around since 2007, his uploads are always entertaining, and who doesnt love a  hotdog getting a mustard money shot!

ESD: That hotdog earned all the man juice its seen while fart uploaded that great content, Keep it up Knocker!

NyYank: next up,  the Featured Series Of The Year, the nominees are:


NyYank: 3 great weekly features, and the baumy goes to.....

ESD:  MMR FTW,  No ifs, ands, or buts about it

NyYank: Without this featured series, a lot of users would have a case of the mundays!

UCM: Last but not least, the finaly category of the evening, Best  / Favorite Front Page Mod, and the nominees are:


UCM: i had to vote for Yank on this one!
NyYank: I voted for Yank!
ESD: oh....

And the baumy goes to.......


ESD: Usedcarman, it wasn't even a challange with this one" Get at me

UCM: thanks i really appreciate it!

UCM: Well fellow eBaumers,  we hope you enjoyed this presentation of the 1st Annual eBaumy eWards!  I'd like to thank Yank, and Eastside_dave  for all their help, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

****NOTE: There are some more awards coming soon, statistical based awards (video of the year, most viewed single gallery, etc etc will be coming soon)********

Uploaded 11/16/2010
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