eBones soon to be abandoned.

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew and I am not an alcoholic - but all kidding aside, I would like to bring you all news from the eBaum's World desk over here in San Jose, California. After conversing with PepperPeanut on AOL messenger in regards to the state of the blog section, Pepper unfortunately told me that eBones are going to soon be removed. 

Andrew, why are eBones being removed? 

Hi everyone, Andrew here again - yeah, after speaking with PepperPeanut on AOL messenger, he said that he's shutting down the eBones spiel. Although there have been a myriad of complaints in regards to the fundamental basis of eBones itself, the main issue with eBones is the conversion rate. Basically, 10 eBones = 1 US dollar ... and this certainly is a problem because the first basic package offered in the prize store is 50,000 eBones. Do the math ... you are essentially being charged over 5,000 US dollars to purchase a mere t-shirt with some goofy design on it. 

Word's on the street that somebody ratted out this con scheme ... Macdreidel and the other boys were hanging around the warehouses when the cops broke in and started an outright gunfight between the Macdreidel boys and the police. Macdreidel was killed, along with seven of his cohorts, while the rest reluctantly gave up and surrendered themselves to the police. Overall, a nasty gunfight and the shipment on the t-shirts was suddenly halted. 

Andrew, I have accumulated 1,000,000 eBones - what am I supposed to do with this dead currency? 

Andrew here again, hey folks. PepperPeanut on AOL messenger was certainly irate about this particular circumstance and has addressed that anybody who has over 1,000 eBones should file an EZ-1040 form at his or her local post office and assure the post office that he or she is there to convert his or her eBones to cash. Do not attempt to fill out section 7a or else you will be forced to serve a 30 day prison sentence. 

Please, if you are currently in possession of any amount of eBones, please please please write a letter to your local moderator congressman (east end: nyyank328, midwest: dread9235, west end: either Pepper or gabbie) to receive your refund. Sorry for the inconvenience folks, Andrew again. Peace out. 

Uploaded 02/12/2012
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