I've been around this site for about a year and what I'm gonna say will piss alot of you uploaders and folks who are pissing and moaning off.

I came to this site with no delusions or misconceptions about what it stood for. This is an entertainment site that allows me to blog and upload  whatever I want. Period. Yes I have an issue with the targeted advertising (you clever admin bastards), but that's another blog,

The hope for you devoted uploaders  to get lucre for your uploads is just gravy. Yes I know I only have a few uploads and the bulk of my participation is in the blogs (which lets face it ) are never gonna get me anything, but that's okay by me. I have another way to get loot.....It's called a JOB. 

So there are some growing pains here, So you may or may not have lost out on some points or bones or Whatever TF they are. This is still in my opinion one of the better run sites of it's type around, Go t o and try to peruse even the feature section in less than a day, I dare you, see you in three weeks.

I've been listening to the periodic blog since I've been here about "where is my prize" "I sent in my gazillion points 2 months ago" "I still haven't got any thing"

Well it sounds to me like the new admins are at least trying to set the system right and DO SOMETHING about the problems here.

So for you folks who lost your prize I'm sorry for you but guess what? There is a solution on the horizon and there is still the good old fashioned way to get stuff......Value returned for work performed.

In conclusion, if this is the worst thing that's happened to you and you are really upset about this, you've got a pretty good life.

Ducking my head at the coming storm


Uploaded 08/06/2010
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