EBW User Vid and much more

Well it's a great evening here in New York. Nice and cool with no damn humidity at all.

Summer nights and long warm days, Are stolen as the old moon falls.

If you're wondering what the hell I'm going on about right now, it's a song by Chris Cornell named "Seasons" an old song, but def worth atleast listening to.I love music, what can I say, what more to put a little lyric in a blog just to give it a little kick, amirite?

Other than the great music input, eBaumsWorld had a user vid, yes I know others blogged about this (and you're thinking, not again!) but it is now my turn to express my thoughts and reactions to it. I was in it, yes...I kept it pretty simple, sorry I didn't spice it up for you all. I submitted it long ago when they first came across this idea, and when they really pushed for it, I submitted my old one ( because I'm lazy). I'm glad many users submitted tho, it was a great video all together, some made me laugh, and others made me go wtf; but it was all totally worth it. Some were sexy, for example did you see Misstawpa? My god it was like eBaumsworld dating service video*SCHWING!* lel.  I hear a second one is to be made and I cannot wait for that one to be submitted. It's just more entertaining all around.

I hear White_Chocolate is back, Welcome Back.




I was just recently granted "Mod". I would like to thank everyone, such as pep, mac, dread, ucm, e2 and anyone who else made it possible. (Yeah that sounded like getting a fucking grammy, I know) BUT it had to be done in all fairness in respect. I'm a pretty cool user, not all about causing drama and so forth, I think I'm the right fella for it.(Your thoughts?) Just for the hell of it, you are all open to your opinion, amirite? If an issue arises, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it. I maybe new to the whole "Mod" status, but it doesn't hurt to shot me a message concerning what's on your mind.

I'll stop rambling here, and thank you for reading again.  Have a great weekend and take care.


- Yank




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