EBWGirls Naughty and Nice Gallery.

Recently there was a Christmas-themed feature of Mrs. Santas on EBW. Mayoj1 and I agree that in light of how much more gorgeous and sexy our very own EBW girls are, it's imperative that we make Santa jealous this year.

So we would like to make a gallery of the beautiful ladies of EBW, but with a Naughty or Nice theme. So grab your Santa Hat, your camera, anything you want that shows just how much Christmas spirit you have, and lets see those EBW kissy faces to make sure Santa knows you made the Nice list!

Or perhaps the Naughty one... ;)

If you would like to take part, PM me and I'll send you my e-mail address. Please try to get the pic sent before Monday, if at all possible, as Christmas season is almost here. One per person please, so pick the best one!

And remember this will be a gallery, so there's always a possibility it will get featured.

Special bonus for signs with greetings to all the eBaumers! Needless to say, be creative and show what Christmas spirit REALLY is eBaums style!



Uploaded 12/12/2008
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